Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha ksm 66

Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha KSM-66

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Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha KSM-66 250mg 60 Veg Capsules - note best before date is May 2020

  • Supports a healthy, natural response to daily stress
  • Normalizes mood, energy levels, and overall immune function to support immune and nervous system function
  • Enhances mental and physical vitality

Stress-proof your mind and body with the high-powered adaptogenic support of Swanson Ultra Ultimate Ashwagandha. For thousands of years, Ayurvedic herbalists have treasured ashwagandha as a way to enhance mental and physical vitality, reinforce the immune system and mitigate the effects of stress. Modern science has revealed that this time-honored adaptogen features alkaloid constituents known as withanolides, which have a wide range of beneficial effects throughout the body.

Swanson Ultimate Ashwagandha capsules feature KSM-66(R), the most concentrated full-spectrum ashwagandha extract available. Made exclusively from 100% certified-organic ashwagandha root, KSM-66 utilises Green Chemistry processing to capture the quintessence of the herb, including both the water-soluble and fat-soluble compounds, without the use of alcohol or chemical solvents. This advanced technique yields an ultra-potent, full-spectrum extract with all the bioactive constituents found in the whole root.

What is Swanson Ultra Ultimate Ashwagandha?

Everyday life can take its toll on the best of us. The stresses of work and family are more than enough to bring even the most hardy of souls to their knees from time to time. Swanson Ultra Ultimate Ashwagandha offers you the chance to utilise the adaptogenic properties of one of Ayurveda's most revered healers to tackle your very modern problems.

For thousands of years Ashwagandha has been revered by Ayurvedic herbalists as a great way to promote superior mental and physical response, all while mitigating the destructive effects of stress.

  • Revitalise your mind and body
  • Features the patented KSM-66 formula which offers concentrated full-spectrum Ashwagandha support
  • Revered by Ayurveda as the original solution to mental and physical exhaustion

Any plant that has enjoyed such a long and productive existence on earth is bound to go by many names. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is also known as Winter Cherry and Indian Ginseng; an indication of its purported health benefits.

By using KSM-66, Swanson have brought us the most concentrated form of Ashwagandha extract available today. Made by Ixoreal Biomed, it was created after no less than fourteen years of research and development into the fabled plant. Believed to be the highest-concentration extract on the world market today, it focuses on extracting from only the roots, the most nutrient rich part of the plant.

Perhaps most amazingly, it is a process built around "Green-Chemistry" principles, which don't use any alcohol or other chemical solvents to extract the solution from the root.

What is Swanson Ultra Ultimate Ashwagandha used for?

One of the things that make this time-honored adaptogen so powerful is the alkaloid constituents hidden within it known as withanolides. When combined with both the water and fat soluble nutrients of the plant they come to offer the most holistic Ashwagandha formula yet.

Working by promoting balance throughout the body, this remarkable adaptogen actually amplifies the body's self-regulatory abilities. Key systems such as the immune, reproductive, neurological and endocrinal are all somehow ameliorated through the introduction of Swanson Ultra Ultimate Ashwagandha.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress levels.
  • Reduces Cortisol levels and can inhibit stress eating stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and stress-related food cravings
  • Enhances cognitive function, including memory
  • Increases physical strength, endurance and even muscle recovery rate
  • Has even been proven to help improve improve sexual function in both men and women

A very modern update of a completely ancient herbal remedy, Swanson Ultra Ultimate Ashwagandha is the ideal way to restore balance to your hectic everyday life. Enjoy its natural benefits and experience the true power of Ayurveda for yourself.

What is the recommended dosage of Swanson Ultra Ultimate Ashwagandha?

To be taken as a dietary supplement. Simply take one vegetable capsule between once and twice a day.